Welcome to the Alliance for Excellence in Information Technology

This website is dedicated to the members of the IT Alliance, both CA•ITs, CA-designated IT Specialists, and IT Alliance Subscribers. The site also provides information to the public as it pertains to CA·IT specialists.


The IT Alliance was approved by the CICA's Board of Directors in June 2002. Its mission is to encourage and recognize excellence in the provision of Information Technology services by Chartered Accountants.


Please browse through the site and examine our content. You can find a CA·IT from our list of specialists by Province or articles written by one of our members.


If you are a Chartered Accountant, you can become a Subscriber. If you also work in Information Technology, you might be eligible to become a CA·IT.


If you are a member of the Alliance, welcome to your site, you can browse the site for information and even propose content for other members. The CAX Forum is also there for you to look through. all postings on the Forum are there and fully searchable.


We hope you will find the site useful and helpful in doing your work, please don't hesitate to send me your comments.


Yves Godbout, CA·IT, CISA

Chair, IT alliance for Excellence in Information Technology


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