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What is the IT Alliance?


The IT Alliance was approved by the CICA's Board of Directors in June 2002. Its mission is to encourage and recognize excellence in the provision of Information Technology services by Chartered Accountants.

The IT Alliance will accomplish its mission through:

  • A Specialist Certification Program to recognize and designate CA-designated IT Specialists,
  • Research and education for the benefit of CAs interested in IT, and
  • Promotion and co-operation with other organizations with a primary interest in Information Technology.



How do I become involved with the IT Alliance?


There are 2 ways that you can become involved with the Alliance:

  • You canbecome a CA•IT - a CA·designated IT Specialist
  • You can become a Subscriber. Subscribers are individuals who are interested and want to stay current in the IT area. Depending on their situation and future career goals, they may or may not wish to apply to become CA•ITs.



What is a CA•IT --- a CA designated Specialist?


A CA•IT is a CA ;who brings a business-oriented approach to IT strategy and implementation, who applies business acumen, strategic insight and understanding of IT to help organizations succeed.

Whether you are in industry, consulting, government, education or public practice, if you work primarily in IT, you will want to be recognized as a CA designated IT Specialist.



How do I become a CA•IT?


Experience Process - CAs who are currently working in the IT area may apply to become CA-designated Specialists in IT with modified requirements. If you are interested in becoming a CA-designated Specialist, download the   CA•IT Experience Route Application Form

The overriding consideration is the demonstration of the competencies described in the IT Competency Map

In Québec, where government regulations preclude CAs from describing themselves as "specialists", the Ordre des comptables agréés du Québec is working to develop transitional measures for members designated by the IT Alliance.

For more information or to receive an application contact: Anne-Marie Laderoute by phone: (416) 204-3329 or by e-mail:



CA•IT Member benefits


  • On-Line Member Directory
  • Complimentary Access to the CA•IT Professional Development Library
  • Discount on IT-Related Conferences or Workshops
  • Tele-Conferences are held periodically on a variety of interesting topics. Please contact Marisol Arroyo at the IT Alliance to get information.
  • TechTips - Helpful tips transmitted through the CA-Xchange discussion forum
  • CA-Xchange - A discussion forum on a wide range of topics
  • Bilingual Website containing archives of the CA-Xchange discussion forum, TechTips, a list of web sites useful for CAs and a comparative analysis of Canadian accounting software

All of these services have been, and continue to be, provided by volunteers of CA-Xchange. Founded in 1992, CA-Xchange started life as the Information Technology-Micro Interest Group and is now an integral part of the IT Alliance.



How do I become a Subscriber to the IT Alliance?


Subscribers are individuals who are interested, and want to stay current in the IT area. Depending on their situation and future career goals, they may or may not wish to apply to become CA-designated IT Specialists.

Subscribers enjoy the same value-added services as CA•ITs. However, they cannot use the distinctive specialist designation, CA•IT

If you are interested in becoming a Subscriber, download the
IT Subscriber Application Form



Accreditation Information for Education Providers


The IT Alliance will accredit qualifying IT courses and programs to ensure that future CA•ITs applying through the Graduate Process will have access to quality education that addresses all of the competencies required of IT Specialists. These competencies are described in the IT Competency Map.

When courses or programs are accredited, they will be listed and linked to this page.

Education providers interested in submitting a Request for Accreditation are encouraged to download the Alliance's Accreditation Policies and Guidelines.



Contacting the IT Alliance


By e-mail:


By mail:

Anne-Marie Laderoute
CPA Canada
277 Wellington Street West
Toronto ON M5V 3H2

By phone: 416-204-3329
By fax: 416-204-3415